Volume & Issue: Volume 7, Issue 2 - Serial Number 9, December 2022, Pages 1-80 

Original Article

Simulation and Sensitivity Analysis of Flare Gas Recovery for Application in Hydrocarbon Reservoirs as Injection Gas

Pages 4-15


Mohammad Mahdi Sabaghian; Mastaneh Hajipour

Comparison of Vapor Recompression and Bottom Flashing Methods in Energy Optimization of Natural Gas Sweetening Process

Pages 16-23


Samira Ahmadi; Nargess Eyvazi-Abhari; Melika Esperi; Hanieh Asvadi; Fateme Ezati Kamkar; Sayna Rahbari

Review Article

A Comprehensive Review on Advantages and Issues of Nanotechnology in the Oxidative Desulfurization Method for the Production of Ultra-Clean Fuels

Pages 24-34


Zahra Mobasheri; Seyyed Hossein Zohdi

Original Article

Energy Optimization of the Sweetening Unit of Gachsaran Natural Gas Refinery by the Use of Vapor Recompression

Pages 35-40


Mohaddeseh Shahbahrami; Tiyam Khansari; Sara Pirayande; Morteza Gholizadeh; Sara Najafi Barzegar

Review Article

Assessment of Unconventional Natural Gas Resources

Pages 41-62


sadegh sahraei

Original Article

Using the Feed Splitting Technique in Optimizing the Energy for the Natural Gas Sweetening Unit of the Ilam Gas Refinery.

Pages 63-71


Elmira Nozari; Hedieh Saeidi; Mohammad Yazdani; Zahra Asgari